Our Dog Boarding Facility in St. Louis

As a conscientious pet parent, you will not be able to leave your pet behind to fend for itself if you are going away for a night or going on a trip. In order to ensure the best quality care for your pet, let Williamsburg Pet Hotel & Suites handle your dog boarding needs whenever you are away from home!

Rest assured that we provide the same nurturing care that you give to your own pets. To learn more about our dog boarding kennel services, please give us a call at 636-227-5764. You can also book a reservation for your pet’s stay online.

If you would like to see our facility for yourself, feel free to stop by any time during office hours for a tour, no appointment needed!

Dog Boarding in St. Louis
St. Louis Dog Boarding

Our Dog Boarding Options

If you are planning to be away from home for any period of time, Williamsburg Pet Hotel’s dog boarding services can ensure that the needs of your pet are being met, and that their day-to-day routine is not disrupted while you are gone.

Our dog boarding facility allows your pet to feel very much at home while staying with us. Check out our six dog boarding accommodations to find out which one is best for your furry friend:

Pet Hotel | St. Louis Dog Boarding

Pet Hotel
The Pet Hotel is a 5’ x 7’ indoor room with an adjoining 4’ x 12’ outdoor kennel run. Dog boarding guests can access their run every 3 hours. While outside, he or she can see their neighbor, but there is no physical interaction with other pets unless specified by the owner. The area has an open-air vaulted ceiling with natural skylight illumination.


The Manors | St. Louis Dog Boarding

The Manors
The Manors is our latest addition, and has proven to be quite popular among clients. It features a 6’ x 9’ indoor suite that provides privacy, pampering, and plenty of room to stretch out. The Manors have glass doors that create an open yet private environment for your pet. It comes equipped with a doggy cot for lounging. Guests are individually walked outside every 3 hours.


Slumber Suites | St. Louis Dog Boarding

The Slumber Suites
The Slumber Suites is a group boarding area that caters to pets that weigh less than 20 pounds. It offers a spacious and social dog boarding environment designed for fun and frolic all day long. The features of the suites include a sliding glass door, dog bunk beds, and a 42” television with Dog TV programming. Guests have access to play yard attached to their suite and get to go outside every 3 hours.


Luxury Suites | St. Louis Dog Boarding

The Luxury Suites
The Luxury Suites feature regal 6’ x 9’ accommodations. There are only 10 suites available in the Luxury Suites, making it a very private and quiet room with each suite having a different theme. Each dog boarding suite includes glass doors, a doggy cot, and a 32” television with Dog TV programming. Guests are walked outside every 3 hours to go potty.


XL Luxury Suite | St. Louis Dog Boarding

The XL Luxury Suite
Our extra-large Luxury Suite features 9’ x 9’ accommodations and an Ocean theme. It includes glass doors, a doggy cot, and a 32” television with Dog TV programming. Guests staying in this room will be hand walked every 3 hours for potty time. There is only one extra-large Luxury Suite available, and it needs to be reserved in advance!


Penthouse Suite | St. Louis Dog Boarding

Penthouse Suite (Coming Soon)
Our newest addition to the Williamsburg dog boarding lineup! This bedroom-sized room features a twin-size bed, television with Dog TV programming, windows with a great outside view, and a doggie webcam. The room is large enough to accommodate a family of four large sized pets from the same family.


Dog Boarding in St. Louis
Dog Boarding | St. Louis Pet Hotel

The Comforts of Home in Our Dog Boarding Hotel

St. Louis Dog Boarding Services

Here at Williamsburg Pet Hotel, we strive to treat each pet as an individual. We appreciate diversity and do not make judgments based on the pets’ breed. Bedding and toys from home are always welcome in our dog boarding facility, because we want your pet to feel at ease and comfortable while in our care.

We serve Purina Pro Plan (Dry Food) twice a day, at no additional charge. If your pet prefers cuisine packed from home, we will gladly serve them at no additional cost. For the safety of all dog boarding customers, guests must be currently updated on their vaccination shots for Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, and K9 Influenza (H3N2) before being admitted.

To book a suite for your pet in our dog boarding kennel, please call 636-227-5764 or book online today!