Dog Training Classes in St. Louis

Dog Training Classes in St. Louis

Is your dog’s aggressive behavior or excessive barking becoming an issue in the home? Did you just get a new puppy and want help training him or her?” Dog training classes can solve these issues and provide structure to your dog’s life.

However, time is short, and we all lead busy lives. For those who have little spare time, or feel daunted by the prospect of training, professional dog training is often the fastest and most effective way to train your dog or puppy.

If you are interested in dog training classes, but you don’t know how to get started, allow the professionals at Williamsburg Pet Hotel in St. Louis help you. Whether you need help dealing with disruptive behaviors or just to teach basic obedience to your dog, we can help. For more details, you can contact our St. Louis kennel online or call us at 636-227-5764.

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Why Your Dog Needs Training

Dog training classes not only benefit your dog; they also benefit you and other members of the household. Dog training classes prevent bad habits from forming while reinforcing desirable behaviors. These classes also teach valuable life skills to your dog, allowing them to deal with the pressures of domestic life and thrive in a home environment. They also increase the pet’s sociability, allowing them to interact with house guests, strangers, and other pets.

Additionally, pet-friendly establishments are popping up all over the St. Louis area. So if your dog has been trained well, then you will be able to bring him or her to enjoy these experiences with you!

Our Dog Training Classes: What to Expect

If done correctly, dog training allows you to establish a household routine for your pet. Our training methods are accomplished through positive reinforcement, wherein good behavior is rewarded with something of value to your dog, such as food or their favorite toy. This rewards-based training is more enjoyable than correction-based methods, and sets a good foundation for a more advanced training in the future.

Our dog training classes are based on positive reinforcement training, and are designed to build a strong relationship between you and your pet based on mutual trust and respect, instead of fear and intimidation.

Strengthen Your Relationship through Dog Training Classes

St. Louis Dog Training Classes

We offer dog training classes for both puppy and adult dogs. Our classes allow puppies to have the best possible start in their lives by learning basic commands, building their confidence, and providing many opportunities for socialization. We can also correct behavioral problems in older dogs using a compassionate method of training.

Our classes are done either in a small group or individually. You also have the option of having your dog boarded and trained at the same time. The trainer will train the pet while he or she is at our dog boarding facility.

During training, your dog will learn all the basic commands such as place, sit, down, come, loose leash walking and a few more helpful tricks.

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Our positive reinforcement dog training classes will make living together a more fun and rewarding experience for both you and your dog. At the end of training, you will come home to a dog that is happy, healthy, and well adjusted.

If you want to have your dog trained in our classes or want to learn more about any of our kennel services serving the greater St. Louis area, book online or call us today at 636-227-5764!