First Dog Swimming Pool in St. Louis

Dog Swimming Pool in St. Louis

The hot summer days can take their toll on everyone, including your dog. Aside from making sure your pet stays hydrated, you can also take him or her for a quick swim in order to cool down. Williamsburg Pet Hotel is the first facility to have a swimming pool specifically built for dogs in St. Louis and the surrounding areas including Chesterfield, Wildwood, Town & Country, Kirkwood, Creve Coeur, and Ladue.

Our pool is available for reservations or your dog can enjoy a swim as part of Doggie Day Camp. To learn more about our dog swimming pool, please call our kennel at 636-227-5764 or book a reservation online.

Take Advantage of Williamsburg’s Dog Swimming Pool

Does your dog love the water? If so, you can make a reservation and take your furry friend swimming in St. Louis’ first-ever dog swimming pool. Located right in the heart of St. Louis, our pool is safe and secure, and has broad stairs for easy entry and exit. You can watch as your pet takes a splash in our pool’s cool waters and play with them in a safe environment.

St. Louis Dog Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool for Dogs in St. Louis

Not only is swimming a fun summer activity for your dogs, there are many benefits as well. Swimming builds confidence and allows dogs to burn off excess energy by providing a low-impact but full-body workout. It is a great exercise that does not stress the joints too much, making it perfect for a pet that is recovering from an injury or getting along in years.

The dog swimming pool can also be a great therapy for dogs that are suffering from obesity, hip dysplasia, arthritis, and degenerative joint disease.

Please note that dogs need to be current on their vaccination shots to enter the facility, even if just for pool time. Just make reservations ahead of time when you want to use the pool.

Swimming During Doggie Day Camp

Pool Time can also be included during our Doggie Day Camp, and is already included in the price. It can also be purchased as an extra service while your pet is boarding with us.

Please note that Pool Time is only included in the Doggie Day Camp if the owner is okay with their dog swimming with a group of dogs. There will be an extra fee if they want their dog to have a one-on-one play time with an employee in the pool.

Dog Swimming Pool | St. Louis Dog Pool
St. Louis Dog Swimming Pool

Safety First

Rest assured that our dog swimming pool facility is safe and secure. The swimming pool is a salt water swimming pool. This salt water is better for the dogs’ coats because salt water is much more gentle than chlorine. It is also clean and maintained by a professional. The dog swimming pool has been designed with easy access so that dogs can easily move in or get out of the water.

Our staff makes sure that safety precautions are in place, and that swimming sessions are supervised by a professional at all times.

Learn More About Our Dog Swimming Pool in St. Louis

Williamsburg Pet Hotel is your dog’s home away from home. We are a pet boarding company in St. Louis that aims to provide an all-around experience for your pets. We provide boarding, grooming, day care, and training services so that your dog will be happy and healthy during their stay with us.

Here at Williamsburg, we strive to treat each pet as an individual: we do not make judgments based upon breed. Take your pet to a day of swimming and enjoy watching them play in a safe environment.

If you are interested in our dog swimming pool and kennel, please book an appointment online or call 636-227-5764 for immediate assistance.