Bring Your Dog In To Play with Us

Outdoor Doggie Daycamp

Come let your dog spend time with us in our outdoor facilities while they can still enjoy this beautiful weather!

Whether you bring your dog in for our boarding services, or in for Doggie Daycamp, be sure to sign them up to enjoy some time in our swimming pool. Our pool was specifically designed for our dog customers. It features wide stairs for dogs who would prefer to wade in the water instead of actually swim. These stairs also make it easier for dogs to get in and out of the water. Another great feature of our pool is that it is filled with saltwater. Saltwater is better for dogs’ coats than chlorine water. The reason for this is, chlorine can sometimes be more damaging to a dog than saltwater; it can irritate a dog’s eyes and dry out their coat. This is why we take the extra precaution and have our pool filled with saltwater.

If your dog isn’t really a water dog, then be sure to bring them in for Doggie Daycamp or sign them up to spend some time in the play yards when they are being boarded with us. Our outdoor areas have three large fenced-in play yards that feature artificial, non-toxic and safe turf for your dog. This turf allows for a cleaner environment and a cooler surface than grass.

Doggie Daycamp - Outdoor Facilities

Your dog is constantly with one of our professional and experienced staff when utilizing our outdoor facilities. Our staff is always ready to not only supervise all the dogs in our yards and in the pool, but to also play with them.

Let your dog come in and burn some energy while you are away or at work. We would love the opportunity to spend time with your dog, be sure to bring them in to take advantage of our great outdoor facilities sometime soon!

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